For Boys 11-13

Coming Soon - A mentoring program for primary school boys. 


boy hands on back of head looking ahead

Top Blokes Foundation’s research and series of consultations with primary school education reveals:

  • There is an increase of reporting in relation to sexting, disrespect towards peers and ongoing risk-taking behaviours by male students.
  • Currently, there is a need for a specially designed boy’s program with a focus on ongoing mentoring
  • Boys require more than a once off workshop and would benefit from longer-term engagement with positive male role models.

The Stepping Up program will address social issues impacting boys aged 11-13 and affect long-term attitudinal and behavioural change. This program will challenge underlying factors contributing to poor mental health, disengagement in school, violence and other anti-social behaviours.

This peer-led well-being program for boys aged 11-13 years old is being piloted in 2017 and will launch in 2018. Click here to register your interest.