'Building Blokes' Mentoring Program For Men Aged 16-24

Building Blokes Infographic

The Building Blokes program is a personal development program for young men aged 16-24. The program covers a range of key social topics that will help young men make positive and healthy life decisions, with discussions based around:

  • Improving their well-being by increasing their conflict resolution skills;
  • Building stronger relationships with their partners, peers and families;
  • Increasing their skills to avoid the harmful impacts of gambling, drugs and alcohol;
  • Developing resilience to common life pressures, such as peer pressure and social media; amongst many others.

For more information on the program and its topics, download the booklet:

Building Blokes Program Booklet

Interested? Click on the tabs below for more information or get in touch:

E: info@topblokes.org.au

P: 1300 450 850

When and how long?

The program consists of weekly 2-hour sessions over 8 weeks. Enrolments are open throughout the year. The program's delivery and availability is dependent on the region. Please contact Top Blokes Foundation to find out more.

What's it like?

The sessions consist of a small group of guys led by qualified Top Blokes youth workers. The environment is relaxed, friendly and interactive, with facilitators and participants who aren't afraid to talk openly about issues and concerns.

Register for this program

Register for the Building Blokes program

Click here to complete a registration form and a representative from the Top Blokes team will be in contact shortly.

(There are eligibility criteria which Top Blokes will discuss with you. Please note, completing this form does not guarantee automatic registration into the program.)

If you know of a young man who has fines with the Department of State Debt Recovery, they can reduce their debt by participating in the Building Blokes program - up to $2,000 over our eight-week program. Top Blokes Foundation is an approved organisation through the Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme.

Please note: to be eligible to participate in the WDO scheme, the young man must qualify under certain criteria, for example, receive Centrelink benefits. More information can be found on the NSW Revenue website.

All applications to pay off fines through WDO will be assessed once the initial application has been received by the Top Blokes Foundation.

If you're an organisation that works with young men and think you would benefit from the Building Blokes program, reach out to us. Whether it's for service users or staff, workshop content can be tailored to your needs.

For more information about being part of the program, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form and a Top Blokes team member will be in touch shortly.

Alternatively, to refer young men to the Building Blokes program, please get in contact with us:

E: info@topblokes.org.au

P: 1300 450 850

The Top Blokes Foundation is always looking for donors to help keep the Building Blokes program running. To support Building Blokes and positively impact the lives of young men, please go to https://www.topblokes.org.au/donate/ or contact us:

E: info@topblokes.org.au

P: 1300 450 850