'Building Blokes' Mentoring Program For Men Aged 16-24

Does it feel like you've been dealt a bad hand? Maybe you get into fights, drink too much, can't control your anger, have poor relationships, keep getting fines or just aren't living your best life. The Building Blokes program is here to help.

Building Blokes is a mentoring and development program that discusses current issues facing men. Just by attending, participants can reduce their Revenue NSW fines by up to $2,000.

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I want to to change my life, enrol in the Building Blokes program now:


About the Program

The Building Blokes program helps young males better cope with problems they commonly face. Participants of the program will learn:

  • How to cope with anger;
  • How to form and build better relationships with those around you;
  • Healthier ways to deal with gambling, drugs and alcohol;
  • How social media affects you;
  • How to deal with peer pressure; and
  • Resilience skills.

Who's the Building Blokes program for?

The Building Blokes program is for men aged 16-24 that want to improve their lives. If you have fines with Revenue NSW, then the Building Blokes program is also for you. Eligible participants can reduce up to $2,000 worth of fines by completing the program.


Enrolments are open throughout the year.  

How long?

The program consists of weekly 2 hour sessions for 8 weeks. 

What are the workshops like?

Workshops consist of a small group of guys led by qualified Top Blokes youth workers. The workshops will feature a friendly, encouraging and interactive environment.

Can I reduce my fines?

Participants of the Building Blokes program can reduce Revenue NSW fines by up to $2,000 through the Work & Development Order scheme. To confirm your eligibility, please contect Top Blokes on 1300 850 450 or visit www.revenue.nsw.gov.au/fines/eo/wdo for more information. 

What topics are covered?

Masculinity, alcohol/drugs/gambling addictions, mental health, healthy relationships, sexual health, cyber-bullying and more. For a detailed list, please download the Building Blokes Program Booklet below.


"After losing my license I paid off all my fines with the help of Top Blokes. I have no more debts and now have something to put on my resume".
- James
Mentoring with TopBlokes has been an easy way to get myself back on track. They're really supportive and are here for us guys".
- Emanuel

I want to to change my life and enrol in the Building Blokes program now:


Want more information? Download the Building Blokes Program booklet:

Building Blokes Program Booklet 2018


To enquire about the program, please contact the Top Blokes Foundation:

Email: info@topblokes.org.au

Phone: 1300 450 850

For Organisations

If you're an organisation that deals with young men, we'd love to work together. If your organisation would benefit from the Building Blokes program, for either service users or staff, workshop content can be tailored to your needs. Alternatively, to refer young men to the Building Blokes program please get in contact with us via the information above.


The Top Blokes Foundation is always looking for donors to help keep the Building Blokes program running. To support Building Blokes and positively impact the lives of young men, please go to https://www.topblokes.org.au/donate/ or contact us via the contact information above.