We understand that not all young men are ready to talk about their issues. Some still feel unable to because of the perception that it's not something that a man is supposed to do. But what's the potential impact of something like this?

Young men's health matters

We want to help create a cultural shift that eliminates these unhealthy perceptions that contribute to poor mental health and suicide in young Australian men. This is the aim of our Men's Health Week 2018 campaign, #SafeWithMeMate.


Why "mates"?

Who better to change the culture? Mission Australia's Youth Mental Health Report indicates that 74.6% of young people would turn to their friends for help with mental health problems - the highest amongst other trusted sources. 71.6% of young men with a probable serious mental illness are comfortable going to their friends. With an encouragingly high number willing to turn to mates, we were left wondering why a negative perception about mental health still predominates. We focussed on one question: do mates understand how important they are for mental health?

Our campaign can be broken down like this. People are comfortable going to mates for help. This is our benefit. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they're doing it. Stigmatisation of mental health still exists with one of its biggest contributors being the reluctance to talk about it. This is our barrier. Our campaign seeks to encourage the benefit to overcome the barrier by increasing awareness about the important role that mates play in this process. The #SafeWithMeMate campaign puts mates in the spotlight to be a foundation of a cultural shift that normalises talking about mental health. 

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The message:

Participating in #SafeWithMeMate identifies you as a safe zone for your mates to approach you whenever they have a problem, and for them to know you're willing to help them talk it out.


How can you help?

Speech bubble Take a photo of yourself with a printout of the hashtag. Explain why the campaign's message is important to you and include this as the caption. Check out our brainstorming page to give you some ideas.
Megaphone Include a campaign sign-off to really get the message across.
Camera Alternatively, you can film a short video of yourself showing the printout and explaining your reason for participating. If you're feeling creative, you can create a video in a style of your choosing, as long as the message of the campaign is made clear. If you choose to film a video, please note that you will have to post it to your own social media.
Planner Schedule a post on social media during Men's Health Week (11th-17th June).
Tag Use the hashtags #SafeWithMeMate and #MensHealthWeek in your post. Tag us to let us know you've posted and help spread awareness about our cause (click the social media icons below).
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Need some inspiration?


Will: #SafeWithMeMate
Keaton: #SafeWithMeMate

Not a fan of social media?

Not a problem. If you'd still like to help us out, think about donating to our cause. The success of our programs targeting young men means there are schools and communities eager for us to expand. However, this requires financial support. Your donations will contribute directly to our expansion efforts and mission to help young Aussie men understand and look after their mental health.


Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at: marketing@topblokes.org.au