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Porn use on the rise among teens, researchers find link with mental health problems

A  report from the Burnet Institute released in June 2017 found that the typical age for boys to vie... ... More »

Top Blokes on Switzer Daily

Our Senior Youth Worker on Sky News talking about the role social education plays in improving young... ... More »

Our Founder joins the panel on ABC's The Drum

On the 16th February, our Founder and NSW Young Australian of the Year, Melissa Abu-Gazaleh joined t... ... More »

The Project

On 3rd February 2016, the Top Blokes Foundation's youth worker, Josh was featured on Channel 10's Th... ... More »

Top Blokes Founder, Finalist for NSW Young Australian of the Year

Featuring Top Blokes Founder and Managing Director Melissa Abu-Gazleh and Youth Ambassador Keaton Ja... ... More »

The Project - Violence

Top Blokes Foundation was again invited to comment on Channel 10's the project on the topic of music... ... More »

WIN News - Junior Top Blokes School Mentoring Program

Aired 15 June 2015. As part of National Men's Health, WIN News Story highlights the Top Blokes Found... ... More »

WIN News- Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program

WIN News featured the Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program, a weekly interactive program tackling the... ... More »

Top Blokes at the Charity Shield!

Top Blokes Foundation boys formed the St George Dragons Charity Shield Guard of Honor. Here's a shor... ... More »

Top Blokes lend a hand to House With No Steps

On 9th March, 2013, the Building Blokes Army were out in force to help the House With No Steps resid... ... More »