Prevention of Domestic Violence Needs to Begin With Boys

25 September 2015

In light of the current spotlight of domestic violence and the Prime Minister’s $100 Boy looking up head in handsmillion package to address this, the Top Blokes Foundation believes to address domestic violence in the long term, we need to begin prevention programs with boys now.

The Top Blokes Foundation delivers a successful 16 week primary prevention program that is designed to positively impact a number of negative social issues and trends associated with boys and men including alcohol abuse, anti-social behaviours and domestic violence as well as increasing young men’s community connectedness and self-confidence.

In relation to domestic violence specifically, this program is designed to work with young men 14 – 17 within schools to positively impact individual and interpersonal factors that will, in the future, significantly reduce their likelihood of becoming perpetrators or victims of domestic violence. We achieve this through 7 of 16 workshops run in this program, the topics of these 7 workshops are:

  • Power and privilege
  • Masculinity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Anger management
  • Mental health
  • Alcohol and other drugs

Over this 16 week period, this program also gives young men a space to understand how to communicate their feelings and emotions in a safe and productive way. These outcomes can be clearly seen in the program results including:

  • 21% increase in mental wellbeing of participants
  • 80% of participants indicating they learnt new techniques for conflict resolution and  anger management 
  • 93% of participants indicating they learnt new information about looking after their own mental health
  • 83% of participant indicating the program increase their overall self confidence

Collectively, the 7 workshops above equip young men with skills and knowledge to increase independent and critical thinking as well as self-awareness and several healthy coping mechanisms.

The above learnings are implicated by the Ecological Model for Understanding Violence and this models preventative frameworks as being key to the prevention of violence against women and girls. This model is the basis of the It Stops Here Prevention projects.

For further comment about how this program addresses domestic violence, contact: | 0404630013