National Boy’s Health Forum: A first for Australia

National Boy’s Health Forum: A first for Australia

For Immediate Release: 30th April 2015

‘Invest in boys to combat the growing trends of family violence, mental heath and social trends of sexting and excessive use of pornography’. This is the message to be spread at Australia’s first National Boy’s Health Forum.

Held at NSW Parliament House on the 28th May, 3-5pm, the National Boy’s Health Forum with showcase three of the nation’s leading experts in men’s health who are campaigning for the political, financial and social investment in young males.

Hosted by Australia’s leading boy’s social educators Top Blokes Foundation, each speaker will demonstrate how focusing on young men’s health will reduce rates of sexual assault, family violence and mental health issues in a bid to bring young men’s health to the forefront of policy makers, community investors and corporate community.

 “Young men were not identified as a key priority in the National Men’s Health Policy, yet we know that untreated mental illness in young men cost the Australian economy $387,000 per hour in lost productivity. It’s time we draw attention to young men’s health” commented Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, CEO of the Top Blokes Foundation.

“As a nation, we are struggling to solve the growing rates of family violence, untreated mental health and unhealthy relationships, but if we focus on build the resilience and social education of young males, we will directly impact the issues of mental health and family violence” stated Ms. Abu-Gazaleh.

Presenters include: Victorian Australian of the Year, John Caldwell, Research in men’s suicide and masculinity, Dr. Jo River and Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Founder and CEO of the Top Blokes Foundation.

Event Partner, NSW Men’s Health Forum, commented “There has been a public discourse that has focused for too long on young men’s problems and we often see young men as a social problem that needs fixing. We lose sight of the fact that most young men are amazing winners and achievers who give so much to our community in so many ways. The Men’s Health Forum of NSW is very proud to be associated with the National Boy’s Health Forum so there can be a better future for all young men across Australia”.

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