About the Top Blokes Foundation

The Top Blokes Foundation fosters young men’s social inclusion, emotional and social resilience and improves their mental health and wellbeing. Our programs constitute an affirmative platform for young males to employ positive decision making skills, become positive role models to their peers and adopt healthier lifestyle choices while developing personal qualities of integrity, character and respect for others.

Our Vision

To see young men who are happy, healthy and safe within their communities.

Our Mission

To foster inclusion, build resilience and ensure the well-being of Australian young men.

Our Goals:

  1. To raise awareness about male issues and strategies that can be applied to improve the development of young male health and well-being;

 2. To inspire young males to reach their full potential through peer-inspired environments, increasing their social inclusion and healthy peer relationship;

 3. To ensure Australian young men have access to personal development and volunteer opportunities;

 4. To increase the positive representations of young men within the community and media.

The History of Top Blokes

The year is 2006. A young woman from Wollongong sees yet another negative headline hit the television screen on prime news hour: ‘alcohol fuelled violence – a generation of disengaged and angry youth’.

This was all too common, with Australian young men often painted as liabilities to our country. The media would often proclaim ‘something needs to be done about it’, but with 89% of all social commentary on young males being unfavorable, the media was actually making the problem worse.joey2

The solution was simple: generate positive news stories about young men in the local media. The young woman, along with her best friend, ran the inaugural Top Blokes Awards – a night to recognise young men who volunteer and inspire others to do better.

Fast forward 10 years and what began as a mission to add one positive news story about  positive male role models in the local paper, has now turned in to the Top Blokes Foundation.

This youth-led organisation has empowered thousands of teenage boys to tackle the social issues that they struggle with and create their own positive definitions of masculinity, self-worth and what it takes to be a Top Bloke.

With a team of passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers, Top Blokes Foundation is determined to provide young men with opportunities to thrive and live beyond their comfort zones and achieve their potential.

Bus Pic4That young woman from 2006, Top Blokes Foundation Managing Director Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, continues to lead this innovative organisation that focuses specifically on inspiring young men to alter any possible dangerous or regrettable decisions they may make in their critical moments of risk-taking or peer pressure situations.

Top Blokes Foundation will continue to foster inclusion, build resilience and ensure the well-being of Australian young men.